Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle – All-In-One Fuel Additive


Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle

Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle – All-In-One Fuel Additive: A New standard of Antioxidants & Anticorrosives conforming to military grade specs!

Engineered to the Highest Standard.
Conforms to Military Specifications (Mil-Spec) for Antioxidants and Anticorrosives…This Level of Protection Has Never Been Available To The General Public Until Now!


Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle – All-In-One Fuel Additive fixes and protects entire diesel fuel system. This ultra-concentrated All-In-One diesel fuel additive is engineered to protect your entire fuel system from problems caused by Diesel and Bio-Diesel blended fuels.  It increases fuel mileage, removes water, stabilizes the fuel, keeps injectors clean, prevents gelling, increases Cetane, and extends the life of pumps and injectors.


Advantages of the Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle – All-In-One Fuel Additive

  • Fuel Stabilization (Antioxidant Package):

Conforms to military specifications (Mil-T-5624P
and ASTM D 1655). DMIB controls gum and peroxide formation in all diesel fuels, stopping the formation of oxidation and asphaltenes. This is the highest standard of protection for any diesel fuel in storage (i.e. generators).
  • Anticorrosive Package:

This technology prevents corrosion in fuel tanks and storage tanks above and below the fuel with the only Diesel Vapor Corrosive Inhibitor (VCI) available. DMIB
protects all metals as tested by ASTM D130 (received an A-1 rating) and by NACE (received an A rating).
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency:
DMIB has additive components that contain a fuel catalyst that allows the diesel fuel to burn more efficiently, therefore reducing fuel consumption. The BTU’s are also increased resulting in improved fuel efficiency and horsepower.
  • Smoke Opacity and Emission Reductions:
Due to more efficient combustion, tests have indicated a significant reduction of exhaust smoke during acceleration and gear changing. As a result, particulate filters stay cleaner longer which means longer intervals between filter regeneration. In addition, EGR valves will have longer service life.
  • High Temperature Detergent:
DMIB promotes better volumetric efficiency allowing for continuously clean spray patterns. This detergent guards against gum and varnish build up to ree up “sticky” injectors. DMIB restores the fuel system back to the manufacturer ’s original specifications.
  • Pour-Point Depressant:

Adding DMIB into No.2 Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel effectively lowered the pour-point by -18°F (from the base pour-point).
  • Upper Cylinder Lubricity:

The new ULSD blends reduce the amount of lubricity in the fuel. DMIB has an additive that restores lost lubrication, which significantly improves the condition of the cylinder liner, piston, and piston ring (as tested by ASTM D768



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