Multi-Shield – Multi-Surface Protectant


Multi-Shield – Multi-Surface Protectant

Multi-Shield – Multi-Surface Protectant 360 creates a barrier that seals and protects surfaces from rust, corrosion, water, UV rays, and more while renewing the look of the surface.

Protect your serfaces!

Multi-Shield – Multi-Surface Protectant is designed for leather stainless plastic vinyl all metals auto finish wood fiberglass marine firearms.

  • Protected surfaces stay clean longer!
  • Benefits increase with multiple coats!
  • Multi-Shield – Multi-Surface Protectant 360 is engineered to replace many other separate products you use today!

Benefit from even more advantages of Multi-Shield – Multi-Surface Protectant!

  • VAPOR CORROSION INHIBITORS (VCI) -Emits a vapor in enclosed areas (e.g. storage containers, engine compartments, tool boxes, gun cases) that coats surfaces with a 360 degree protective barrier for ongoing rust and corrosion protection.
  • ANTI-CORROSION BARRIER -Seals & protects surfaces from rust, corrosion, water, UV rays & more while renewing the look of the surface.
  • CARNAUBA WAX – Super strong, water repellent wax that provides superior shine and durable coating for exceptional protection and finish.
  • UV PROTECTION – Protective barrier shields against harmful UV rays that accelerate fading and surface damage.
  • ANTI-RUST – Ultra Anti-Rust formula creates a protective barrier that shields the surface from water and air moisture to block the reactions that lead to rust formation.
  • HI-TEMPERATURE RELEASE AGENTS – Extreme high temperature release agent (lecithin) and lubricant.
  • PENETRATING OILS – Low-viscosity oil penetrates into narrow spaces to free rusted mechanical parts (e.g. nuts / bolts). Aids as general-purpose lubricant, a cleaner, or and corrosion stopper.
  • ANTI-OXIDANTS – Inhibits surface aging that produces oxidationleading to surface corrosion, rust, fading and overall damage.
  • ANTI-STATIC – Anti-static coating keeps surfaces clean longer &attracts less dust.
  • PLEASANT SCENT PLUS ODOR BLOCKER – Pleasant scent with apowerful odor blocking formula to block unpleasant odors.


This is an environmently friendly product

Multi-Shield – Multi-Surface Protectant is no toxic, low VOC, environmently friendly and non flammable.

How to order

Order your Multi-Shield – Multi-Surface Protectant at Volts Energies, en established energy company: renewable energy, generating sets, heating systems and accessories for industrial, commercial and residential use!

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