Renewable energy

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Renewable energy

Volts Energies wants to help exploration companies that operate off the grid reduce their fuel costs. The Quebec-based company has been building custom generators for exploration companies so they can recoup and reuse the heat generators emit.

This co-generation captures energy typically lost from a generator to heat a building or water. “Usually a generator is around 34-per-cent efficient and we can get up to over 80 per cent efficiency”, says Sebastien Caron, company president. The company does energy efficiency audits to monitor how a client uses energy and also to gauge its needs. Caron says they specialize in off-grid hybrid systems by using renewable energy like windmills and photovoltaic panels to produce electricity, along with diesel generators. He says their hybrid model is fairly unique, since most energy consultants side either with generators or renewables. “One says, ‘Do not use generators, they pollute too much’, and the other says, ‘Solar power is not good enough, it won’t give you enough energy’. The best thing to do is to combine both.”

CIM Magazine – Mai 2013