OM-122 DW Toyotomi semi-on-demand water heater


OM-122 DW Toyotomi semi-on-demand water heater

OM-122 DW Toyotomi semi-on-demand water heater: Save Money! Save Energy!  Only Heat Water When You Need It!  Never Run Out Of Hot Water Again!

Advantages of the OM-122 DW Toyotomi semi-on-demand water heater

  • Economical: Some consumers have reduced hot water heating costs by up to 50%!
  • No costly storage of hot water when it is not needed…Heat up to 240 gallons per hour!
  • Consistent water temperature.
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger!
  • 88% efficient!
  • Proven trouble-free performance
  • Safe: ETL and CETL home and mobile home approved
  • Direct vent (as shown below) or chimney vent!
  • Small, compact size


Convenient, Easy to Use

Toyotomi heaters combine the most advanced technology with the fuel economy, comfort and convenience of direct vent heating. They feature a simplified digital control panel that displays room temperature, temperature settings, time and error codes. With programmable thermostat, these units can remain in operation for up to 24 hours in a reliable, fuel-saving mode.


Efficient and Economical

You get much more heat for the money than with other conventional oil-fired heating systems as they are much less expensive to purchase, install and operate. The cost to operate a Toyotomi vented heating system is so economical that owners enjoy annual savings of up to 50% over conventional heating systems. A Toyotomi heater can pay for itself in just a few short years. Most conventional oil-fired heating systems only run at peak efficiency 20% of the time.


Easy Installation

A Toyotomi heater can easily be installed in just an hour or two. The helpful owner’s manual provides complete, step-by-step instructions. A full range of optional parts and accessories is available to make installation simple.


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