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For more than 15 years, Volt has been standing out for its commitment and its unique know-how in the field of alternative energies. Volt Energies is a bold entrepreneurial initiative that focuses on the design and manufacturing of efficient and cutting edge energy systems, believing firmly that new technologies contribute significantly to the productivity and effective functioning of companies while protecting the environment.

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    Emergency Generator


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    Continuous Power


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    Mobile generators


  • Emergency Generator

    Emergency Generator


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    Continuous Power


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    Mobile generators


Our range of generators

Commercial and industrial generators

We offer generators for commercial and industrial purposes, functioning with diesel, propane, gasoline, or natural gas. We also manufacture efficient generators tailored for off-grid sites. For a long time, we have trusted renowned brands such as Generac, Honeywell, Atlas Copco, Yamaha, and much more, enabling us to achieve the expected results.

Commercial and industrial generator

Residential Generator

Stationary or portable, diesel powered, propane or natural gas, we adapt our systems to your residential needs in order to ensure the proper functioning of your equipment in case of failure. We carefully determine your needs and choose suitable models according to your situation from a range of quality generators, such as Powertech, Generac, and more.

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable energy — Eco-generators — Hybrid energy systems

  • Energy

    Renewable energy — Eco-generators — Hybrid energy systems

  • Energy Regenrator

    Renewable energy — Eco-generators — Hybrid energy systems

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    Volts Energy

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    Solar Panel

  • Industriel Service


    Renewable Energy

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Unique solutions, no matter where you are.

Volt Energies is a renowned innovative company, which aims at the constant improvement of its products and services. We offer quick and effective solutions to all our partners and clients. Wherever you are, Volt Energies meets your energy needs in a far-sighted and structured manner.

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Every day
we are ecologically responsible
and self-generators.

  • Hydrid Vehicles

    We drive hybrid vehicles and replace those who aren’t by vehicles that consume the least amount of energy possible.

  • Production of energy using photovoltaic solar panels

    In 2016, 2 000-kilowatt photovoltaic solar panels are installed on our building to produce a part of the energy we consume in our offices and our workshop. A comprehensive Schneider Electric system is in place to meet our requirements. See our production online.

  • Paper Saving

    Our technicians use iPads to avoid printing paper manuals. The technicians’ roadmaps are also filled out on iPad and do not have to be printed. We have replaced the paper files by online folders accessible by all of our employees, at any time. Everything we print must be double-sided page.

  • Recycling of Materials

    Filters and used oil, batteries and used containers are recycled. With the help of our suppliers, we try to minimize the amount of waste we produce.

  • Health and Safety

    Training on the handling of hazardous materials and safe working methods are provided to all our employees in order to reduce the risk of injury and promote safety on the site. In 2015, we offered almost 1000 hours of on-site training to increase our knowledge and be more effective.

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  • Solar panels

    Photovoltaic cells consist of conductive materials that turn sunlight into electrical energy. Three technologies are typically used: polycrystalline solar panels, monocrystalline solar panels, and thin films. Each technology is suitable for a specific use.

  • Solar panel mounts

    These mounts allow the installation of the solar panels at the location that suits, whether on the roof, ground or pole.

  • MPPT Schneider/Xantrex Charge Controler

    The charge controller can charge a lower nominal-voltage battery from a higher nominal-voltage array. In case of a cloudy sky, when light intensity changes regularly, a Xantrex high-speed controller improves the collection of energy up to 30% compared to PWM charge controllers (pulse-width modulation) and up to 10% compared to slower MPPT controllers.

  • Charger inverter

    the charger inverter supplies consumers with alternative power and draws its energy from the battery bank which is charged from solar energy or other source of energy available on the site. Its built-in charger can also charge the batteries from an additional source (generator). A transfer switch (bypass) is installed in the circuit breaker panel and allows performing a repair or maintenance of the inverter without the worry of having to turn off the whole system.

  • Batteries

    The batteries store the energy produced by photovoltaic solar panels (or other sources available on the site) to ensure the power supply in all circumstances (day or night, clear sky or cloudy). Batteries can be maintenance-free or with maintenance. Multiple battery technologies are available, but most used batteries are lead-acid, AGM, gel, lithium, and OPzS (high performance tubular batteries).

  • Generators

    Generators will enable rapidly recharging of the batteries with the charger inverter during adverse weather conditions.

  • Control panel

    The control panel allows you to view the information of the system, access all the basic and advanced features of the inverter, in addition to controlling the advanced features of the generator automatic starter or the overall battery monitoring. It is possible to add an additional communication box that allows accessing information remotely and even interact with the components on the site without having to go there.

Renewable Energy

Our products are made
with environmentally friendly
advanced technologies


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