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A company made up of endless energy

Renowned for its energy innovations, Volts Energies aims to optimize its products and services and improving the environment. The passionate team of the Research and Development Department develops innovative renewable energy systems and provides effective solutions. Volts Energies values the ecosystem and combines the best products available on the market to achieve a rapid return on investment for maximum energy.

Our values
make us a strong and
honest business

  • Eco-responsible involvement

    It’s not just our customers who benefit from our advice on saving energy, water and fossil fuels, we must lead by example! We drive two hybrid vehicles: a van in addition to our sales manager’s vehicle, and we replace the existing non-hybrid vehicles. Filters, waste oil and containers are recycled. We do the same with the batteries thanks to the co-operation of a supplier. The technicians use iPads to replace paper manuals and everything that is printed in the enterprise should be double-side page. Our employees are eco-responsible. In 2016, photovoltaic solar panels were installed on our building to produce part of the energy we use in our offices and in our workshop. The Schneider Electric complete system is in place to meet our requirements. See our production online.


  • Innovative Company

    We have invested time and equipment to refine ourselves on the upcoming new technologies in the field of renewable energy in order to be specialize ourselves further in the field of renewable energy. Since there was no available curriculum, we had to tackle the task and perform a self-learning by trials and errors, for us and our customers who have supported us. After thousands of hours paid to the various employees who participated in these projects, we have gained a high level of knowledge and are now in a position to share this knowledge with future generations and with our partners. President of Volts Energies, Sebastien Caron, participated for several years in the training provided by the CEGEP of Jonquière on renewable energy. By sharing his knowledge with teachers, this allows our industry to generate a next generation of people who will have a better understanding of the real needs and the components available on the market. Several cohorts have already benefited from our advice and experience. By training adequately, we will advance the renewable energy faster.


  • EEmployees With Experience

    Employees and owner of Volt Energies have accumulated a total of nearly 1,000 hours of training in 2014 to improve the efficiency and responding time toward the customer. Our experienced technicians have everything in hand to answer arising questions and situations.


  • Pro-Client Services

    Knowing the needs of our customers is essential to determine the right system. Volts Energies offers hundreds of quality components and products designed by world-renowned manufacturers. We mainly use components from North America, Japan and Europe. We also want to share our knowledge of the available new technologies with the population. We are going beyond the services offered by the competition and we know how to optimize and combine the different components required for the achieving the expected result.


Sébastien Caron

Sébastien Caron,
President of Volt Energies

Historically, the environment has been a priority for me, thanks to the values that were instilled in me by my parents. I now pass on this interest to my two girls aged 7 and 12 who have already acquired an eco-responsible behaviour. Our loyal customers also benefit from our philosophy, with the reduction of their production of greenhouse gases and a return on investment, providing short, medium and long-term savings, depending on the type of project. By promoting energy efficiency for off-grid sites Volts Energies was able to see the potential of the market and has become a renowned industry pioneer. More than a dozen years have passed and we have significantly expanded our expertise by working with schools, research agencies and of top-quality equipment suppliers. Through this collaborative work, our customers save money while drastically reducing emissions of greenhouse gas.

  • Innovation

    We promote energy innovation and we are confident that improving our energy production and participation in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are the result of our efforts. We are proactive and innovative and work for the success of our objectives in a sound environmental perspective.

  • Technology

    We believe that new technologies help greatly the productivity and the functioning of a company. That’s why our team develops and designs cutting-edge systems while aiming for significant energy savings.

  • Manufacturing

    We specialize in the development, design, manufacturing and installation of custom energy systems, depending on their application. We manufacture equipment that will better suit your needs.These systems are installed in a container or a custom-built building, and are delivered turnkey as needed.

  • Development of New Systems

    We are experts in developing new hybrid energy systems, combining solar photovoltaic, wind systems, generators, biomass, micro-hydropower and cogeneration. We can also perform remote monitoring of your new system and diagnose a problem from our offices, no matter where you are located in the world.

  • Customer Education

    We also gave ourselves the mandate to educate people about the available new technologies, this approach allows us to get ahead of the competition as we optimize and combine different components to achieve the desired results. Knowledge and planning are the basic ingredients of a successful project.

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable energies offer an interesting energy independence and improve environmental conditions in addition to reducing the negative impacts of energy facilities on the environment by reducing or eliminating the use of fossil fuels. We offer a full range of renewable energy sources that allow you to contribute to environmental protection. Volts Energies is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of custom hybrid systems.

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Volts Energies

For more than 12 years, Volt has been standing out for its commitment and its unique know-how in the field of alternative energies. Volt Energies is a bold entrepreneurial initiative that focuses on the design and manufacturing of efficient and cutting edge energy systems, believing firmly that new technologies contribute significantly to the productivity and effective functioning of companies while protecting the environment.

Solar Energy

Volt has planted more than 10,000 10 000 trees

Volts Energies has also established a program of trees planting to offset the production of greenhouse gases. Depending on the scale of a project to implement new systems of energy production, several trees were planted in Haiti. We achieved our goal of planting 10,000 trees in the first year!


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  • 2003

    Founding of Volts Energies which aims to distribute portable generators and tools for construction companies, and with a propensity for renewable energy.

    Volts Energies


    Volts Energies sells its first 100-watt solar system to a hunting camp.

    Solar Panel


    Beginning of the distribution of Generac generators line. First order of replacement parts for the generator service and first service unit on the road.



    Distribution agreement of Powertech generators.

    Renewable Energy


    Moving to Laval for more space and better serve our customers mainly located on the north shore of Montreal. Our clientele is now spreading across America.



    Obtaining of RBQ licence (general contractor) and agreement with Home Depot Canada to participate in the installation of all the generators sold and installed in Quebec by their branches.



    Manufacturing of mobile multivoltage diesel generators on trailers and mobile RV generators, and production of the first high-calibre solar system installed in a modified shipping container.

    efficient heating


    Volts Energies implements more and more external projects and manufactures autonomous photovoltaic systems and solar mounts. The company is developing a solar system for rural communities in Peru; several systems are installed on site, including a demo installation in the town of Cajamarca. Two solar photovoltaic systems were custom made and supplied to the US army in connection with a company manufacturing radar products and requiring independent energy source.

    deep discharge battery


    Creation of a government project for the installation of photovoltaic solar systems in over 150 000 houses in rural communities in Peru.

    Solar photovoltaic


    The company is developing a new cogeneration system that recovers waste heat from the internal combustion engine of small and medium-power generators. This allows us to achieve an efficiency of over 80% instead of 35% previously.

    Volts Energies


    Volts Energies participates in Kanawata’s project. The company designs electric plans, manufactures, and installs a system containing more than 130 solar panels with a capacity of over 30 000 watts plus more than 6700 battery amps in reserve, a spare generator of 50 000 watts to 48 000 watts inverter. The whole thing is mounted in a temperature-controlled container. In addition, the walls of the container are soundproofed and equipped with a silencer, providing visitors to the region a peaceful experience.

    Solar Panels


    Installation of efficient solar heating systems for Aboriginal communities in northern Quebec.

    hybrid energy systems


    We study the development of new hybrid energy systems and continue to develop powerful renewable energy systems while taking into account the latest technologies on the market and your needs. We install several systems annually.

    Renewable Energy

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