Do Solar Panels Work At Night?

Renewable Energy

The term ‘solar’ intends to indicate the ‘sun’. Thereby we can confidently say that solar panels do not work at night

Solar PV systems instantly convert the sun’s light into usable electricity through an inverter, which means it needs direct sunlight to work. The electricity generated out from these systems are stored by the converting the suns energy. Thereby it won’t be able to store the energy when sun is absent.

Are you aware that the solar panels do not require a beautiful hot sunny day but instead just light from the sun. Its commonly misinterpreted that the day must be hot and sunny. Heat is not factor but just light for normal Canadian panel to work effectively.

How it works?

The solar panel is intended to absorb sunlight on the photovoltaic cells and convert the energy from photovoltaic energy to direct current (DC) power. The DC power is then converted to alternating current (AC) through inverter. This power can be consumed at home. If there is more electricity produced, the excess is fed back to the electric grid. To utilize power at night, the energy is stored in batteries. This allows the converted solar energy to be consumed at night! Hence, we can say that solar panels are sustainable round the clock providing energy

Another method is to connect your home to the electric grid. This grid would be collecting the energy from the sun through the solar panels erected in your roof top, if you do not use it like a bank. The extra energy gets sent to the grid which can be shared by others. The utility company will pay you the amount that you provide them. Moreover, during night, you could draw the power from the grid. This system is termed as ‘net-metering’.

Another option is to have a storage battery to store the excess energy and used it when needed. This is very helpful in rural areas especially for agricultural purposes.

It’s an expanding technology when someday we would be able to generate 24 x 7 with these panels.

How do Solar Panels work – a technical overview

Solar panels consists of solar cells that has capability to generate power. The cells are made of semi-conductive materials, namely silicon. Silicon being a good conductor of electricity, it is often doped with impurities to make it more effective conductor.

Solar batteries

With fossil fuels running out and hike in prices, researches are looking out ways of using clean energy that is renewable with solar being one of them. As technology is new, the cost of solar batteries are a bit expensive and there are tests being conducted on the reliability of the system. But it is sure to improve the efficiency of power generation and is expected to grow within a few years.

It’s the right time to invest in the future of energy savings as it would reduce your electricity bills with the use of solar panel technology. Adding battery later would not be a problem.

You can make this change in your home by getting to install our solar panels system with optimum battery system. Our system helps you to collect solar energy for your use and excess energy is then transferred to the battery instead of the grid. On fully charging the battery, the excess energy is then only sent to the grid. The power can be collected from the grid in case the energy in the battery is depleted. In practical terms, the solar energy can be stored in homes to be consumed when the sun is not shining. It is like a backup power in case of power outage.

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