Generac Generator Installation in Laval, Canada

Generac Generator Installation in Laval, Canada

Introducing “Generac Generators”, a complete No.1 Home Backup generator from Volts Energies

Have you been experiencing power outages recently due to the thunderstorm and frequent weather changes brining about damages to power lines? Not knowing how to equip your home with the best affordable home power solution? All this happens when you are too held up with focusing on family and career. Your home power needs in relation to lighting and food storage is of main concern especially if the power supply is going to be disrupted for days or maybe weeks. For this the best option is to make Generac generator your choice.
Generac generators are number one best selling home backup generators giving you the best option of a strong backup. Give your family the comfort of home without power breaks fulfilling even those needed for job site work or power washing. Take home the generator experts!!

Specialities :

  • Volts Energies being the local dealers for Generac Generators in Laval, Canada
  • All under one roof – sell, service, repair, maintenance of portable and used generators
  • spare parts that offers a ‘do it yourself’ option
  • Orders placed based on requirements
  • Experienced staff to care of your energy needs
  • Best value for budget
  • Tailoring solutions to your need
  • Wide range of products from portable generators to home backup range.
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be connected directly to home natural gas line
  • Can be programed to automatically on or off
  • Weatherproof
  • Smart load options to optimize power

Residential generator

It’s the most dependable solution for providing power back required for your household. This generator can start within seconds of power disruption. So get yourself a residential generator to get a happy household and prevent interruptions in your work –be it home functions or daily chores. This generator provides power to

  • Fridge/freezer
  • Electronics
  • Water Heaters
  • Air Coolers
  • Home lighting system

Diesel and Gaseous Mobile Generators

Our unique designed mobile power generators support variety of projects that support during extreme weather conditions.

  • It can be most effectively used in oil and gas worksites.
  • This generator has cold containment to cater to cold weather and also trailer.
  • It has option of connecting to 32 parallel units.
  • As it is mobile unit, it can be moved anywhere it is required.
  • Using well head has as fuel, this generator minimizes emissions to air.
  • Users can switch between natural gas, liquid propane, wellhead gas.

Why choose


  • Only engine designed specifically for extended generator use
  • Network of dealers
  • Wide range of products
  • Easy installation
  • Best portable and residential standby generators

Invest in providing comfort to your family with our highly reliable system of power solutions. So make your choice by using our innovative products for your home backup power systems.

Portable Generators

  • Meant to provide emergency power supply wherever needed
  • Provides superior power quality
  • Good controls and quiet operation