How to choose your generator

How to choose your generator



Before choosing which brand of generators to use, we need to establish how much power is needed. We need to figure out our electrical needs which we would need to be operational during a power outage.


After establishing our electrical needs, we need to pick the fuel type : Propane gas, Natural gas or Diesel.
For a residential generator, the majority of people pick either Propane gas or Natural gas, why? Because if we choose Diesel, the model of the generator will no longer be the same and would be much bigger. Also, a diesel generator is approximately two and a half times more expensive than a Propane gas or Natural gas model.


After picking the preferred fuel type necessary, the time will come to determine the location where the generator will be installed. Depending on the region, there is certain normalities we must follow. An example of a normality we must follow is the distance between the generator and the house, if the exterior of the house is covered with Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum, etc… The generator must be at a minimum distance of 36 inches from the house. If the house is made of cement, brick, rock, etc… The minimum distance required is 18 inches.
A question we often get is : Can we install a generator inside ?

It is strictly prohibited to install a generator inside, for security reasons, health reasons and of course warranty reasons from the manufacturer. All residential generators, Propane, Natural gas or Diesel must be installed outside where there is open air so that the generator can exhale its gases and warm air and inhale the cool air. The generator will need a stable base (either a cement base or patio stones). The generator will also need a way of access so that all maintenance and/or reparation can be done without trouble.

Next up, we must make sure that the generator isn’t too close to the windows of the house or the neighbors, because of the noise dispersed by the unit of course!

Finally, the best thing to do would be to contact us for all your information and questions surrounding a generator purchase!

How to choose your generator

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