6552 generater

How to maintain your generator in good condition?


By Zach Lachapelle

It is very important to do preventive maintenance on your equipment in order to limit the risk of breakdowns and costly emergency calls that are often outside normal operating hours.

Checking the battery, the battery charger and the engine block heater before the winter period will ensure that you can start the engine in cold weather.
It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance. There are often adjustments to be made to prevent breakdowns that could cause you to lose power and important revenues.
Always check if your unit is doing its weekly tests and make sure that no lights or alarms are on.
Did you know that: Currently in Quebec, many emergency units are not well maintained. Only basic maintenance is done such as oil changes, battery checks and no-load tests. This is not enough to detect problems that could occur in the near future. Volts Energies offers 115-point maintenance according to CSA C282, with a detailed report of what has been done. In addition, we provide a list of items to be corrected in order of importance, with supporting photos. Our approach will allow you to sleep soundly, knowing that your emergency unit will be ready for the next power outage!