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Since 2013 Volts Energies is committed to support your project from the stage of dimensioning and design. We propose the study of the energy efficiency of your site to establish the true picture of your needs. We issue recommendations before producing a quote, always with a view to ensuring minimum energy demand. Knowing the needs of our customers is essential to properly determine the necessary energy system and create appropriate solutions.

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  • We combine our desire to improve the environment and our interest in developing green technologies for the energy needs of our customers. We design hybrid energy systems and cogeneration systems to produce a healthy and sustainable energy.
  • renewable energy


Managing your remote equipment WORLDWIDE

Developing new hybrid energy systems is our specialty; we combine photovoltaic solar, wind systems, generators, biomass, micro hydro and cogeneration. Most of the time, these systems are installed in a container or a custom-built building, and are delivered turnkey.

We perform remote monitoring of your equipment and can even diagnose an event from our offices, no matter where it is in the world.

Renewable energy — Ecogeneratosr — Hybrid power systems

Our technicians have gained the experience to diagnose
repair and install your system.

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  • Heat recovery of the diesel engine
  • The efficiency of the unit increases from 30% to over 80%
  • The permanent magnet generator can increase the energy efficiency and reduce weight and dimensions
  • Use of a UPS system to provide reliable power and generate electricity, no matter the speed.
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  • Volt is constantly changing and developing new systems to remain a pioneer in the energy sector, encouraging market developments.

    Our Research and Development Department has developed a new cogeneration system that recovers waste heat from the internal combustion engine of small and medium power generators.

  • Volts improves constantly all the proposed systems by incorporating new technologies, as they are available, while ensuring their reliability before installation.

    Solar (photovoltaic solar) is an inexhaustible energy compared to non-conventional renewable energy from fossil fuel deposits that are being depleted. We believe that improving our energy production and participation in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are the result of our efforts. We must be proactive and innovative to successfully correct our situation. Renewable energy is a part of the solution to the ever-increasing pollution problems. It is our duty to develop concrete ways that will ensure a healthy future for our children and their descendants.

Our goal is to raise your awareness

about your choices on the energy industry


Renewable energy – Ecogenerators — Hydrid energy systems

We are working with researchers to improve our knowledge

hybrid energy systems

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