Volts Energies focuses on the design and manufacture of systems

Volts Energies

Volts Energies is a company recognized for its innovation and focuses on the design and manufacture of energy efficient systems; they aim to constantly improve their products and services.
The development and design of energy systems is a passion that is shared by the entire team of Volts Energies. The difference with their generator sets from other power sources are the low fuel consumption, strength to meet different loads and engines with longer life time. Due to its characteristics, their generator sets are very reliable and are used in various fields of industry and manufacturing. The use of modern materials and the latest designs provide high quality products.

Volts Energies provides generator sets from the most popular manufacturers: A B Gensets Inc, Honeywell backup Generators, Generac, John Deere Gensets, Cummins Gensets, Kubota compact generator, Perkins Gensets, Yanmar Gensets, GM generator sets and many more other manufacturers. According to Volts Energies’s president Sebastien Caron currently Volts Energies primary markets their products in Canada, especially the province of Quebec.

At the same time, the company has got an experience of work with South America. The company realized a pilot project in remote villages of Peru by installing renewable energy systems. Sebastien also added that their company’s products are unique in that they emphasize efficiency, durability and competitive prices of their systems. Volts Energies is used to work with remote locations, where the quality of products is the must, as clients’ access to repair and maintenance services are limited.

Their produt range from the inexpensive, simple and compact generator sets that you can easily take with you on a fishing trip, a picnic or a more complex, enabling power supply to maintain the desired object, even in the complete off-grid sites. They combine the best products available on the market to achieve a rapid return on investment and a maximum of energy. Their engineering team can adapt your system and the assembly and make installation directly on site.

Source : Construction Review, Africa’s Leading Construction Journal