TPM Support solaire pour poteau


TPM Support solaire pour Poteau

TPM Support solaire pour Poteau est fabriqué par DPW Solar et distribué par Volts Energies.

Universal Top-of-Pole Mount 4 Modules (UTPM4) Module Type G

Benefits: TPM Support solaire pour Poteau

  • Heavy gauge steel and aluminum construction
  • Securely mount 1 to 20 modules on a single pole
  • Module-specific design reduces parts and assembly time
  • Preset holes eliminate measuring and drilling
  • Seasonal elevation adjustments from 15º to 65º
  • Mounts on standard Schedule 40 or 80 rigid steel pipe

The Universal Top of Pole Mount (UTPM) 4 for Type G modules is designed for a wide range of Module size, from 37-42” in width to 61-67” in length. The Universal Top-of-Pole support structure mounts on 4 inch SCH40/80 galvanized steel pipe (installer supplied). Pipe size and foundation requirements are based on several factors including the array surface area, maximum design wind speed, exposure category, soil type, steepest expected tilt angle, and above-ground clearance.

Application Flexibility

  • Several UTPM sizes available to mount 4 through 15 modules
  • Secures most 37 – 42″ wide by 61 – 67″ long PV modules
  • Installs over standard Schedule 40 or 80 rigid steel pipe (Installer Supplied)
  • 15° to 65° tilt angle settings (10° increments)
  • Mount up to 4 kW on a single pole

What makes it Universal?

Adjustability to accommodate a range of PV Module sizes.

Main Structural Components

  • Module Rails
  • Cross-Bars
  • Support Bar
  • Mounting Sleeve
  • Double Hole Slide Clamp
  • Single Hole Slide Clamp
  • Strongback

Installation instructions

Click here to see how to install Universal Top-of-Pole Mount

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