PR-250 Gillette Generator


PR-250 Gillette Generator

PR-250 Gillette Generator is a liquid cooled NG engine generator set.

Advantages of the PR-250 Gillette Generator

  • Mastertrak telematics remote monitoring equipment with 2 year service subscription. Required for all prime powered generators.
  • All generators are UL-1446 certified.
  • Solid state, frequency compensated voltage regulation is standard on all gen-sets.
  • Electronic engine governor for precise isochronous frequency regulation.
  • A brushless rotating field generator design with shunt wound excitation system and connectable at 1 phase or a broad range of 3 phase voltages.
  • Deep Sea 7420 digital controller allows programming to basic engine functions in the field. Controller has stop-manual-auto mode and engine shutdowns, signaled by full text LCD indicators.
  • Heavy duty main line circuit breaker is standard on all gen-sets.
  • All generator set specs provide a 2-year limited warranty at time of initial start-up.

OPEN” Generator Sets:

There is no enclosure, so gen-set must be placed within a weather protected area, un-inhabited by humans or animals, with proper ventilation. Silencer and flexible exhaust pipe are not supplied, as installation requirements are not known. However, these two items are available as optional equipment.

LEVEL 2” Aluminum Housing:

Full weather protection and superior sound attenuation for specific low noise applications. Critical grade silencer is standard.


All single phase gen-sets are dedicated 4 lead windings, rated at unity (1.0) power factor. All three phase gen-sets are 12 lead windings, rated at (.8) power factor. 105C “PRIME RATINGS” are strictly for gen-sets provide the prime source of electric power, where normal utility power is unavailable or unreliable.

A 10% overload is allowed for a total of 1 hour, within every 12 hours of operation of PRIME RATED systems. All gen-set power ratings are based on temperature rise measured by resistance method as defined by MIL-STD 705C and IEEE STD 115, METHOD 6.4.4. All generators have class H (180C) insulation system on both rotor and stator windings. All factory tests and KW/KVA charts shown above are based on 105C (prime) R/R winding temperature, within a maximum 40C ambient condition. Specifications & ratings are subject to change without prior notice.


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