Atlas-Copco QAS 90 Generator


Atlas-Copco QAS 90 Generator

Atlas-Copco QAS 90 Generator is a 80-KW mobile Generator distributed by Volts Energies.


Benefits of the Atlas-Copco QAS 90 Generator


Worry-Free Generators for Demanding Jobs

Our full QAS line of generators’ gives contractors efficient, dependable and versatile power for a wide range of applications, including construction, events, mining, and oil and gas.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

All fluids are plumbed to the edge of the skid for easy access and quick maintenance.


Ensure reliable starts and predictable power generation in the toughest environments with Leroy-Somer™ alternators. And with rugged galvanneal steel frames the generator will stand up to the toughest job sites.

Fast & Easy Transportation

Easily move the generators using the skid’s fork pockets or the pintle hitch on the optional heavy duty trailer.

Environmental Protection

Peace of mind if any drips and drops occur because the spillage-free frames contains 110 percent of all fluids.

Quick Set-Up

Minimize set-up times and customize your power needs using intuitive control systems.

Optimized Fuel Consumption

Save on fuel costs with the generators’ fuel-efficient, diesel engines.


Total customer care

Your bottom line, maximum availability of our equipment at minimum total operating cost, is the top priority for all of us at Atlas Copco. Our way of achieving that builds on interaction, on long-term relationships and involvement in your processes, needs and objectives. Our organization and people are committed to the maximum operational availability and efficiency of your compressed air network. Total customer care is our goal at any level of service interaction with you; from standardized genuine parts over tailor made service plans to remote monitoring and optimization. We want you to see Atlas Copco as a real performance partner that can contribute to the productivity of your processes. The best way of taking care of your interest is by taking the best care of your equipment.

Do you know what your used Atlas Copco portable compressor or generator is worth?

Chances are it could be a lot more than you think! At Atlas Copco we believe in our equipment and we are prepared to stand behind our quality. When you buy a portable air compressor from us, we will let you know exactly what it will be worth at a chosen time in the future (three years for example). When this time comes we will simply buy back the equipment from you, at the price we agreed at the start of the contract.


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