Gillette Generator SP-960


Gillette Generator SP-960

Gillette Generator SP-960 is a liquid cooled LPG/NG Engine Generator Set manufactured by Gillette Generators. Distributed by Volts Energies.

Standard features of the Gillette Generator SP-960

  • All generator sets meet NFPA-110. Level 1, when equipped with the necessary accessories and installed per NFPA standards.
  • All generators are UL-1446 and UL-2200 certified.
  • Solid state, frequency compensated voltage regulation is standard on all gen-sets.
  • Electronic engine governor incorporates a throttle body actuator, which allows precise isochronous frequency regulation.
  • A brushless rotating field generator design with shunt wound excitation system and connectable at 1 phase or a broad range of 3 phase voltages.
  • Deep Sea 7420 digital controller allows programming to basic engine functions in the field. Controller has stop-manual-auto mode and engine shutdowns, signaled by full text LCD indicators.
  • Heavy Duty 100%-125% sized Circuit Breaker is standard on all gen-sets.
  • All generator set specs provide a 2-year limited warranty at time of initial start-up.


  • World Renown Marathon Electric Generator having UL-1446 certification.
  • Full generator protection with Deep Sea 7420 controller, having UL-508 certification.
  • Automatic voltage regulator with over-excitation, underfrequency compensation, under-speed protection, and EMI filtering. Entire solid-state board is encapsulated for moisture protection.
  • Generator power ratings are based on temperature rise, measured by resistance method, as defined in MIL-STD 705C and IEEE STD 115, Method 6.4.4.
  • Power ratings will not exceed temperature rise limitation for class H insulation as per NEMA MG1-22.40.
  • Insulation resistance to ground, exceeds 1.5 meg-ohm.
  • Stator receives 2000 V. hi-potential test on main windings, and rotor windings receive a 1500 V. hi-potential test, as per MIL-STD 705B.
  • Full amortisseur windings with UL-1446 certification.
  • Complete engine-generator torsional acceptance, confirmed during initial prototype testing.
  • Full load testing on all engine-generator sets, before shipping.
  • Self ventilating and drip-proof & revolving field design

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