Generator Magnum-Generac MMG175


Generator Magnum-Generac MMG175


Generator Magnum-Generac MMG175 is a mobile diesel generator (Magnum) distributed by Volts Energies.

New MDG series mobile diesel generators deliver maximum performance and versatility. The turbocharged, 6-cylinder John Deere® Final Tier 4 engine is reliable and durable, and complemented by an oversized SUPERSTART alternator for maximum motor starting capability.

The single to three-phase selector switch and parallel capability provide ultimate flexibility and scalable power. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) exhaust after-treatment limits harmful emissions and minimizes soot buildup. Safety is designed into every facet of the newly-designed cabinet, including interior lighting and anti-skid fenders.

The standard Power Zone control panel is located in the rear of the cabinet – away from power distribution cables. The aluminum, sound-attenuated enclosure provides quiet operation and is rust proof for a long-lasting, attractive appearance.


Benefits of the Generator Magnum-Generac MMG175


  • Steel, lockable enclosure
  • Full tubular steel frame
  • Durable powder coat nish
  • Stainless steel exterior hardware

Easy to Use

  • Self-priming engines
  • External convenience outlets with MLG15, MLG20
  • Individual breakers
  • External emergency stop switch


  • Key switch on single phase models
  • Microprocessor on single phase model (MLG20IF4)
  • Low oil/high temp shutdowns
  • Start limit main breaker (single phase only)
  • Up to 48 hours full load run time
  • 2 year 2,000 hour warranty
  • Voltage regulation within +/- 1%



  • LIFTING EYE & LARGE FORK POCKETS for flexible lifting/moving options by crane or forklift
  • INTERIOR CABINET & CONTROL PANEL LIGHTING for nighttime service and monitoring
  • 3-POINT CONTACT, DEEP LADDER provides full foot contact for safe, secure roof access
  • STACKED ACCESS DOORS WITH AUTO SHUTDOWN separates main breaker access from power lines; shuts down unit if power line access door is opened
  • LARGE SERVICE DOORS with lockable single slam latches provide full access to service points
  • ALL ALUMINUM ENCLOSURE for a long-lasting, rust-proof, professional appearance
  • 110% OIL & COOLANT CONTAINMENT for enhanced environmental protection
  • REAR CONTROLLER ACCESS is easy-to-view and located away from power wires and service points for safer operation
  • DIAMOND ANTI-SKID PLATING on sturdy fenders for secure footing and safer service access
  • LED TRAILER LIGHTING provides enhanced visibility and protection from damage


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