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 Volts Energies

Li-Cube is a complete, self-sufficient power supply station that we can modify or design to meet the vast range of power needs.


What is LI-CUBE?

Li-cube is the green solution to having a power supply, providing the needed power. As being greener and reducing the carbon footprint is becoming more and more crucial, this HYBRID power container can be the ultimate solution for all sorts of utilization. The LI-CUBE benefiting from both solar panels and a generator will reduce CO2 emissions at all times.
The Li-Cube reserves sun's free and clean energy in high-capacity lithium battery banks and uses Victron Energy's high-quality products to distribute the power to all types of equipment.

How does it work?

Li-Cube is a solar container; designed to suffice for the power needs in a place where the grid connection is unreliable or nonexistent, and the only source of energy would have been generator power.
This mobile power container can be placed on different sites, so the production can continue uninterrupted.
The Li-Cube uses the highest quality solar panels, such as LG, Peimar, and Canadian Solar; these solar panels store the energy in high-quality lithium batteries, controlled with an external BMS. Then the power will be in your grasp using Victron Multiplus units, so this inverter/charger can transfer the power.

How can LI-CUBE benefit the WORLD and YOU?

Cost Efficient

No more fuel costs, monthly maintenance, and many more generator-related costs as the Li-Cube will be a solar power system, providing you the needed power for your equipment without using fossil fuels.
the solar panels and all high-quality Victron energy equipment will work together to ensure the steady flow of energy.

Easy to Use 

We have designed the Li-Cube to be self-sufficient and low maintenance.
This mobile power station is ready to work from day one with few easy steps as soon as placing it in place.
The Li-Cube is equipped with an Air Conditioner for hot summer days and a Heater for cold days, in case something needs to be done inside the station.

less CO2 Emissions 

The Li-Cube, more than anything else, is a green power station focusing on using renewable sources of energy at all times, and by doing so, this energy container will produce almost 90% less CO2 and other greenhouse gasses compare to a generator only power station.


The Li-Cube is the noiseless solution to all power needs in a job site, off-grid homes, or other utilizations.
On the contrary to the conventional generators working with fuels, this mobile power station uses solar energy with no noise pollution. Even when the internal generator needs to be operational, the insulated and separated room for the generator will block the noise up to 80.

WherE to use the LI-CUBE?

The Li-Cube has a plethora of usages as it doesn't take much space and can be moved from place to place fairly easily. This solar container can be the answer to all energy needs in construction sites, agriculture purposes, events, remote power, and disaster relief, so it can move it from one site to the next one and it will be ready to use again in no time. Our team of experts, depending on your electrical needs can design the perfect system for you and we can get to building you power station as soon as possible