Lowest Price Guarantee


How does it work?

If you find a lower price online or in print before you buy or within 30 days of your purchase we’ll beat that price by 2% of the difference. Volts Energies does not accept any price match for its ongoing or previous promotions.

Which products qualify? 

The product you’re comparing must meet each of the following criteria to qualify for a price beat.

  1. Must have the exact same brand name and model #.
  2. Must be priced in Canadian Dollars and include all environmental fees, shipping costs, and other charges.
  3. Must be sold and shipped by a retailer AND authorized dealer located within Canada.
  4. The product must be in stock, available for sale, and cannot be a limited time offer or available only in limited quantity.
  5. The product’s price must not be lower due to an advertising error, misprint, or special sale price.

Who doesn't qualify as a retailer or authorized dealer?

The following types of sellers do not qualify for a price beat:

  • Marketplace sellers on websites such as Amazon.ca or resellers such as eBay.ca
  • Any sellers whose products are refurbished or liquidated


How do I make a request?

I already bought the product

In Store: If you've already made your purchase in-store you should make your request at Volts Energies store. Remember to bring the flyer, advertisement, or web address of the lower-priced product with you as well as your original receipt.

Online: If you’ve already made your purchase online you can request a price beat online. You should receive a response within 4 hours. If you qualify, you’ll receive a credit within 7 days.


I haven't bought the product yet

Since you haven’t made your purchase yet you can visit any store to request a price beat. If you qualify, they’ll be able to discount your purchase on the spot—no need to wait for a credit. Remember to bring the flyer, advertisement, or web address of the lower-priced product with you. If you’re unable to come to a store, first ensure you qualify, then make your purchase on victron.volts.ca, and request a price beat credit.