BENY DC Circuit Breaker | 2Pole 50A 600V

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The 2 Pole 50 A 600V DC breaker is widely used in off-grid systems, providing essential protection for battery DC String regulation and safeguarding both the positive and negative stringsIsolation barriers are included to prevent arcing on installation or operation, thus ensuring safety. The non-polar contacts incorporated into the breaker make the wiring process easier while increasing safety.

Application: Solar DC Circuits, Battery Energy Storage Systems, UPS.

Key features:

  • Non-Polarized DC Breaker
  • Maximum 1200V, 63A
  • IEC-60947.2 Compliant
  • Arc Flash Barriers: Contributing to system safety by minimizing arc-related risks.
  • Optional IP65 PC Enclosure

Experience enhanced safety and efficiency with the 2 Pole 600V DC breaker, an indispensable component for off-grid systems.

Additional information:

  • Certificate: SAA / TUV
  • Electrical Cycle: 4000
  • Mechanical Cycle: 20000
  • Protection Degree: IP65 enclosure/ IP20 switch body
  • Rated Current: 50A

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