BENY DC Circuit Breaker | 4Pole 50A 1200V

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The 4-pole DC breaker 50A 1200V offers protection for up to 2 strings originating from solar panels, effectively preventing occurrences of overcurrent in the DC strings. For outdoor settings, an optional IP66 enclosure is available to ensure added protection.

The modular miniature circuit breakers, BB1-63, have been designed to serve solar DC circuits of up to 1200VDC, boasting a 4-pole execution. Their versatile utility extends to applications within solar DC circuits, battery energy storage systems, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) setups. An arc flash barrier design further enhances the safety and reliability of solar equipment.

Key Features:

  • Non-Polarity: Enhances flexibility and ease of use.
  • High Short-Circuit / Breaking Capacity: Ensures reliable performance under varying conditions.
  • Protection Features: Includes safeguards against overload, short circuit, infrequent operation, and reflux.
  • Maximum 1200V 50A: Capable of managing higher voltage and current demands.
  • UL 489B Compliance: Meets recognized industry standards.
  • Breaking Capacity: 6kA: Demonstrates a robust capacity to manage circuit breaks.

Choose the 4-pole DC breaker to fortify your solar system against overcurrent risks, and benefit from its versatile application and advanced safety features.