Certified Pre-Used Kohler 125 kWh Diesel Generator

Product SKU: 125REOZT

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 Generator sets are available with and without trailers.   Generator set features:

•  Durable galvanized steel, sound-attenuating housing.

•  Electrical power panel.

•  Unit-mounted radiator with 50 C (122 F) ambient air

capability with prime rating.

•  Skid and vibration isolators.

•  Main line circuit breaker, 400 amps.

•  Microprocessor controller with an emergency stop switch.

•  Externally mounted recessed emergency stop switch.

•  Lockable generator output voltage selector switch wired

for 277/480 V 3 phase, 120/208 V 3 phase

•  Generator set and trailer operation literature.

Engine feature

•  John Deere engine with 12-volt battery charging alternator.

•  Heavy-duty air cleaner with air restrictor indicator.

•  Battery, battery rack, and cables.

•  Engine is compliant with the Environmental Protection

Agency (EPA) requirements.

•  Water separator fuel filter.

•  Battery disconnect switch.

•  Block heater, 120 V/1800 W.

 Enclosure/fuel tank package features:

•  Quiet operation, 71 dB(A) @ 7 m (23 ft.) (full load).

•  Lockable housing doors.

•  Subbase fuel tank, 868 L (229 gal.).

•  110% environmental containment basin for fuel, oil, and


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