Lithium Battery Solution | External BMS SBMS0 | Commercial Battery Management System

Product SKU: SBMS0

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External BMS BMS-LBS is a programmed Battery management system that provides a smoother operation of battery modules in their safe operating range. Indeed, this monitoring of the battery’s status leads to calculating and reporting the data. Also, it helps to optimize battery performance to prevent under-charging and over-charging. in the same way, BMS contributes to maximizing the capacity of Lithium battery modules.

Designed and made in Canada.
Comes for free on Lithium Battery Solution batteries

     Main benefits:

    Designed and made in Canada.

    Prevents under-charging and over-charging

    Maximizes the capacity of Lithium battery modules

    Communicates with very extended LiFPo4 lithium-ion batteries

    Communicates with second life, electric car battery protocols 


    This bms is only sold with the battery module system

    Each BMS is for one battery module

      Additional information:

      • height-1: 3
      • length-1: 7.5
      • width-1: 4.5