Victron Energy Non-inverting remote on-off cable

Victron Energy Non-inverting remote on-off cable

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Non-inverting remote on-off cable

Use this cable to connect the (discontinued) Phoenix Inverter 12/180, 24/180, 12/350 or 24/350 to a VE.Bus BMS or a BlueSolar MPPT Charger that features a load output:

  • VE.Bus BMS: the Inverter will be switched off when the batteries is empty
  • BlueSolar MPPT Charger: connecting an inverter directly on the load output of a BlueSolar MPPT Charger is not possible; the inverter needs to be connected to the battery. Then use this cable to switch the inverter on and off with the load output.

Additional information:

  • brand: Victron Energy
  • height-1: 10
  • length-1: 1
  • width-1: 17