4 Solar Panel Mounting Rack for 60-72 cell Solar Panels

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This solar panel installation system can be the best mounting solution for installing solar panels on shipping containers for remote power solutions and off-grid solar panels system.

Each rack is designed to accompany 4 solar panels of 60 to 72 cells in landscape mode that best fits LG, Peimar and Canadian Solar solar panels.  The rack is made of galvanized steel with a black painting on top ready to be welded or bolted into 40 ft containers


Top-of-Pole mounts for installing solar panels on top of containers. The inclination of solar panels can be manually adjusted from 10 degrees to 70 degrees for optimal performance according to season and to facilitate snow removal in winters.

solar panel mounting rack for containers

(Solar panels and Container are not included in the price)

You can install up to 4 solar panels on top-of-pole mounted racks producing a peak power of approximately 1250 to 1650 watts. In addition, you can use BiFacial Solar panels that utilize the reflection of the sun from the environment increasing the production by approximately 500 watts to reach a maximum capacity of up to 2000 watts.

Additional information:

  • brand: Volts Industrial
  • height-1: 144
  • length-1: 160
  • width-1: 160

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