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SKU : power-bloc-OPzS

  • Hoppecke power.bloc OPzS Hoppecke power.bloc OPzS


Hoppecke power.bloc OPzS

Vented lead-acid battery


Vented lead-acid battery

Your benefits with HOPPECKE power.bloc OPzS

  • High expected service life - due to optimized selenium/low antimony alloy
  • Excellent discharge cycle stability - due to tubular plate design
  • Easy assembly, transport and installation - battery lid with integral handle
  • Higher external short-circuit safety during installation and operation - based on fully insulated intercell connectors
  • Extremely long water refilling intervals up to the level of maintenance-free - with the use of the optional AquaGen┬« recombination system which minimizes emission of gas and aerosols1

Typical applications of HOPPECKE power.bloc OPzS

  • Telecommunications - Cell phone sites, Central office installations
  • Power supply systems
  • Switchgear
  • Control application

Additional Information

Brand: Hoppecke

Battery voltage: 12 V

Battery technolType de batterieogy: OPzS

Battery Capacity C20 (Ah): 55


15. kg
27.2 cm
20.5 cm
383 cm