Cummins Residential Generator, 17 kW

Cummins Residential Generator, 17 kW

Product SKU: Cummins-RS17A-C17N6H

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Model: RS17A-C17N6H-120/240-1PH-NG/LP

The QuietConnect series of home standby generator is enhanced with various features to support your needs and match your expectation; with exceptional performance in cold weather, sound-insulated enclosures, and robust design, this generator will above and beyond.


  • Robust Design 

The Cummins generator is designed to operate in Canada's harsh winters (down to -18 °C), and with cold-weather accessories, it can run in even colder times. 

  • Quiet Operation

With sound-insulated enclosures will guarantee the best-in-class 65dB or lower noise.

  • Intelligent Load Management

The Cummins generator can manage up to 4 loads and continuously monitor how much power is required independently for each load.

  • Remote Monitoring


  • 17000 W propane gas capacity, 240 V, 83.3 DC propane amps
  • Less than 5% current distortion, 100 Amps breaker, 1 phase, 60 Hz
  • Alternator and electronic parts are Onan / Cummins.



    Additional information:

    • brand: Cummins
    • height-1: 27.3 in
    • hide-price: 1
    • length-1: 34.1 in
    • width-1: 36.0 in

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