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Do you need a Plug & Play Energy Storage System?1

The Zendure Superbase V is the ultimate portable power station for vehicle owners. It offers scalable storage from 4.6 kWh to 46 kWh, powering essential devices with ease. Dual voltage support (120V/240V) makes it versatile for all your power needs.
Reliable, fast recharge, and compatible with EV stations—perfect for outdoor adventures.

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Interested in Vanlife?

Whether you have a Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, or a antique Volkswagon, our experts will be there to ensure that you will have the same comfort on your new compact, motorized home.

A van isn't enough? We have your back

The best option for you may be to get a motorized home so that you can add a touch of luxury to your travels. You will still have the same freedom and an astonishing increase of comfort. Here at Volts Energies, our experts can help you choose your vehicle and pave the way for a self-sufficient Recreational Vehicle.

Ambulance Conversion

Even with all its benefits, purchasing an RV is not the most cost-effective choice. then what? If a van isn't big enough and an RV is too big, what should you do? We would suggest that you turn an ambulance into your new camper RV; they are frequently reasonably priced, dependable, and incredibly safe; after all, it was an emergency vehicle.

You choose, We deliver

It's time to focus on what you need on the road now that you've picked what to buy. One of the most important components of your new vehicle is the electrical system; without it, there would be no fresh coffee in the morning, no cold beer in the fridge, and no Instagram to keep the hashtags alive.

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The Volts Energie team accompanied us in the realization of the electrical installation of our van, a complex system combining different voltages, a large lithium battery, 3 recharging sources including solar, to allow us full autonomy in full winter. Excellent service down to the smallest settings!

J.P. Robert

It’s an absolute pleasure dealing with the team at Volts. We started using them recently for all of our off grid needs in the expedition and touring trucks we build. They offer a very comprehensive service with great support and some of the best products on the market. Thanks again!


Excellent customer service! Helped me build the system I wanted for my RV. Everyone went above and beyond during the COVID-19 period.I really can't say enough, should be a 10 star rating.


I would like to underline the professionalism of the in-house team and the technician during the installation of the system which by the way works no.1. 


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