At Volts energies

Exclusive Design

After contacting Volts Energies, One of our Project managers will be assigned to evaluate your needs and inquiries.

After our free consultation session, INNOVATION begins.
Our highly skilled staff with years of experience will utilize their knowledge and expertise to tailor an electrical system matching and fulfilling all your demands.
Here at Volts Energies, we have always been proud to design exclusive systems for our customers. Employing multiple top-tier software; Our staff will create your system, providing you with detailed wiring diagrams and quotes, which will conclude your first step of the process.

Team of Experts

Once the design is complete, it's time to bring the designs and ideas to life.Your project manager then will take the planning to our technicians, who will take control of the installation from that point. With your project manager supervising the whole process and our highly-skilled staff utilizing their years of experience, we ensure the utmost quality and the best result for you.

Our facility

Volts Energies, Located at Boul des industries in Laval, has always welcomed all of our clients and their adventures to come.We are equipped with everything necessary to build your dream Van and RV or create your autonomous off-the-grid system.
Right here at Volts Energies is where every dream and design come to life.
Our warehouse can be where your ideas and visions can animate so that you can hit the roads with your vehicle. 

Official distributer of

Victron Energy, BattlebornSterling Power, Sunpower, LG, and many more

Volts Energies is the LARGEST Victron Energy distributor. Our warehouse holds thousands of products daily to accompany our clients' needs and fulfill every order and project as efficiently as possible.It doesn't end here; Volts Energies is proud to be an official dealer and distributor of other known brands such as Victron Energy, Battleborn, Sterling Power, Sunpower, LG, and many more.