Generator Repair & Maintenance Services


Repair and Maintenance Services for Generator Owners

Volts Energies offers complete annual maintenance or maintenance services with automatic transfer test as recommended by fire departments.

We also offer bi-annual preventive maintenance/ maintenance, verification and start-up of the generator. A detailed 115-point report is given after each maintenance/maintenance.

Your verification will be performed by a qualified technician. In order to ensure the proper operation of your unit during a power outage. It is important to check and inspect your investment on a regular basis.

An inspection and annual maintenance/maintenance is recommended. During the maintenance, we will check the condition of the fuel (for diesel generators) and the condition of your diesel tank. If your tank is a "single-walled" tank, we can provide you with new double-walled tanks. These will soon be mandatory and offer additional spill protection.

What Do We Offer?

    • Generator diagnosis: This service offered by Volts Energies, is an efficient service to determine the problem with the unit in question. A detailed diagnosis of the generator will be performed by one of our specialist technicians. We do not perform any repairs without having properly observed and diagnosed the generator and of course the consent of the customer.
    • Generator repair: This service offered by Volts Energies, is an adequate service. After having properly diagnosed the unit in question, one of our specialist technicians will perform a quality repair. After performing the diagnosis on the generator, we never repair the generator before discussing with the customer whether the repair is suitable for the customer himself/herself. A quotation will be sent to the customer and only after the customer's written approval, will we proceed with the repair.
    • Generator maintenance: This service offered by Volts Energies includes: A visit from a qualified technician, Labor for the verification of critical components as well as an oil change, Filters, spark plugs, Verification of your automatic transfer switch and final system test, Issuance of an inspection report that will be sent upon request for consultation, Recommendation of work and/or preventive work to be done on the unit in question if needed.
    • Visual generator maintenance: This service offered by Volts Energies consists of a visit by a qualified technician. The technician will start the generator and observe its operation. He will make sure that everything is in conformity. He checks and makes sure that everything is working properly and that no problems or anomalies are present. A detailed report is sent to the customer.

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