Since 1985 SunPower has been one of the best solar panel producers in the market, delivering unmatched reliability. Using Maxeon cell technology, Sunpower solar panels have proven to be one of the most efficient solar energy solutions in the market.

Unlike conventional panels, Maxeon solar cells are much more durable and efficient. Maxeon cells generate up to 30% more energy compared to conventional cells. And by doing so, you will save more over the years.

Sunpower solar power equipment is designed to last longer in solar power systems with a life span of 40 years, which is much greater than conventional solar panels in the market. In addition, Sunpower Maxeon Cells are designed with the latest industry technologies to bend under pressure compared to conventional panels that break in similar situations.

Maxeon solar technologies are compatible with all sorts of solar power systems and solar storage solutions; you can shop on our website for other necessities of a solar-powered system such as Solar Charge Controllers, Batteries and Inverters.

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