Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit + Batteries

Product SKU: MasterVolt-KIT700W
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Customizable MasterVolt and Victron Energy Solar panel systems for seasonal huts and small cottages 


This Price includes the following:

  • 2 x LG High-Performance 350W solar panel (total 700Wp) + Solar wire extensions (if available, can be replaced by other brands)
  • 1 x Pre-assembled component plate
  • 60A DC Victron Energy Solar Charge Controller
  • MasterVolt¬†Pure sine wave inverter-charger 2kW, 120V 15AAC output
  • Circuit breaker box for 120V 15AAC generator input (max 1200W charger)


    Ready for easy connection to solar panels, batteries and your AC electrical panel (to be done by a certified electrician) 


    Additional Information: 

    • POSSIBILITY OF DOUBLE AUTONOMY WITH 4 SOLAR PANELS AND 8 BATTERIES (Total 1400W solar - 10.6 kWh reserve on batteries)
    • 4 x Lead-Acid Batteries 6V/220Ah (Total 440Ah @ 12V) + Battery cables
    • Adding other¬†BATTERY OPTIONS¬†are¬†also¬†AVAILABLE¬†to this kit


    How you can use this system:

    • On the 12V DC: 1 fridge, a few LED lights, a small circulation pump
    • On 120V: Minor domestic consumption (Excluding Coffe-Maker, Toaster, Microwave, Washing Machine, High HP pump or tools and heating devices