Midnite solar MNPV6-250

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Off-grid PV combiner for use with up to 3 300VDC breakers with the included buss-bar. Also included is the deadfront (MNPV6DF) and the MNPV6-DISCO-SLIDER. Load break rated.

  • Type 3R environmental rating
  • DC 600V (1 circuit Pos or Pos and Neg switched) Part no. MNPV6
  • DC 300V (3 circuits) Part #MNPV6-250
  • DC 150V (6 circuits) Part #MNPV6
  • AC 120v 20 amps (6 circuits) Part #MNPV6
  • AC 240v 40 amps (3 circuits) Part #MNPV6-AC Micro
  • AC and DC can be installed in the same box!
    600Vdc 20 amp PV in and 40 amp 240Vac Inverter output

Additional information:

  • brand: Midnite solar
  • width-1: 1.3 cm