Best Solutions for Solar Panel Mounting Structures

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Best Solutions for Solar Panel Mounting Structures

While having a Solar Array for your home is the new upcoming trend around the world. Installing solar modules has always been an issue for homeowners. Installing solar panels on your roof will need roof penetrations and even that can be a troublesome solution.

Ballasted Mount systems with zero penetration are one of the best racking solutions. This racking solution does not require any roof penetration. However, it only works best with low-slope and flat roofs. 

The Ballasted mounts do not require any type of drilling and rely on the weight of the solar PV and concrete blocks for staying in place. This being said, the Ballasted mounting structure is commonly used in Commercial and industrial flat roofs, often in the context of grid tied solar systems to accomplish net metering. Ballasted mounts are rarely used in Quebec as this system is heavily affected by heavy snowfall and accumulation of snow on the lower part of solar panels can have a great impact on its production.

Solar panels on the ground mounting structure

Ground Solar Racking Systems have proved themselves to be a great solution as a solar panel mounting structure. Fixed on the Ground Mounts are ideal for farms and places with more space to spare for the PV arrays. This system can be designed using metal or wooden frames depending on the considered budget. And can be installed with the right angle to hold the solar panels in place at a fixed angle.

The whole system is recommended to be fixed on the ground with a cement or concrete base.

Overall, This system could be the answer to all your needs if you have some unused land in your farm or yard, which is not always true. Also having a solar installation that can’t be moved or be set at a different angle throughout the year might lower your desired production rate.

 solar panel mounting structure on the polesolar panel mounting on the pole from behind

At Last our Recommendation is Top of Pole Mounts. This solar system installation can be the best mounting solution for your home, off-grid cottage, and almost any other need that you can think of.


The Solar Panel Pole Mounts are recommended to be installed on the ground, with a concrete base using steel rods, and anchor bolts for maximum security. So that, even on high wind days, your installation will be as steady as ever.

This type of mounting is very similar to the Ground Racking System; nevertheless, with an elegant design, almost all of the flaws of the former system have been resolved.

The Top-of-Pole mounts come with 2 cylinders of 8 feet. Therefore, solar panels can be elevated to up to 15 feet from the ground, so no more shading from the trees or other obstacles on the way will affect its efficiency. Also, the inclination of solar panels can be manually adjusted from 10 degrees to 70 degrees for optimal performance according to season and to facilitate snow removal in winters.

On the pole mounting structures

You can install up to 8 solar panels on top-of-pole mounted racks producing a peak power of approximately 2500 to 3300 watts. In addition, you can use BiFacial Solar panels that utilize the reflection of the sun from the environment increasing the production by approximately 1000 watts to reach a maximum capacity of up to 4000 watts.

Also, all Pole mounts can be installed with a fuse box in a place that can connect or disconnect the solar panels right in place with the use of one simple switch.

You can see more details about this method in our Solar Panel Top of the Pole mount or contact us to speak to one of our specialists about your project.


In conclusion, if you are thinking about getting a solar panel system for your home. Or you are building an off-grid cottage. You have a plethora of options to choose from.

Here at Volts Energies, you can talk to our engineers and project managers to design your system and provide you with wiring diagrams and all necessary equipment and products. Also, our technicians are also available if you need any assistance installing your systems and can help you with installations and assembly.

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