DARFON H5001 Hybrid Inverter - UL Certified

DARFON H5001 Hybrid Inverter - UL Certified

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DARFON hybrid inverter is a transformerless inverter with an internal distribution box.

Darfon inverter with integrated quick-disconnect terminals, PV and battery disconnects, AC breakers and battery and generator contactor is designed to make installation easier and support heavy loads.

H5001 Hybrid Inverter supports a wide range of utilization in all fields and applications including Off-Grid, Grid-Tied and backup systems.

By installing Darfon H5001, you can connect up to 6.5 kW of solar panels without needing to purchase additional battery chargers and solar charge controllers using the dual MPPT.

H5001 is compatible with lithium or lead-acid batteries to simultaneously connect with an AC connection using a three-wire inverter.

This Inverter can be used with 5500W continuous power in an off-grid system and 7000W in a grid-connected system.



39.4kg / L : 990 mm (39”) – W : 448 mm (17.6”) – D : 150 mm (5.9”)


Additional information:

  • Brand: Darfon
  • Height-1: 39 inch
  • Width-1: 17.6 inch

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