Victron Energy SmartShunt 500A/50mV| Smart Battery Shunt | SHU050150050

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The Smart Shunt is an all-in-one battery controller without a display. Your phone serves as the screen. The SmartShunt connects via Bluetooth to the VictronConnect application on your phone (or tablet), and you can easily read all the battery settings that are being monitored such as charge status, remaining battery life, historical information, and much more.

Alternatively, the Smartshunt can also be connected and read by a GX device. The connection to the SmartShunt can be made using a VE. Direct cable.

The SmartShunt is a good alternative to the BMV battery controller, especially for systems where you want to monitor a battery, but with less cable and mess.
The SmartShunt is equipped with Bluetooth, a VE. Direct port and a connection that can be used to monitor a second battery, a midpoint, or a temperature sensor.


Additional information:

  • brand: Victron Energy


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