Pallet Shipping

Even for experienced freight partners, shipping solar panels can be difficult due to their combination of weight and fragility. Despite the difficulties, transporting solar panels is necessary given the growth in demand for alternative, clean energy.

Generally, large shipping services, as well as precise shipping packaging, are needed for delivering Solar Panels. Freight shipping solar panels may include making sure the delicate item is delivered carefully and on schedule, as well as preserving it from damage during transport.

But don't worry ... We have your back! At Volts Energies, we are trying to deliver your solar panels as safely as possible with Pallet Shipping all over Canada.

Portable platforms called Pallets are used to bundle products for freight shipping. Although there are many pallet sizes, the typical 40 X 48 pallet is used to ship products most frequently. Pallets are crucial in the first place because they safeguard your Solar Panels. Your freight should be palletized for a number of reasons:

  • Pallets safeguard your shipment while it is in transit, being loaded, and being unloaded.
  • Pallets speed up and simplify loading and unloading for the carrier.
  • Pallets enable drivers to optimize the amount of room inside the trailer.

    How do we Ship a Pallet?

    When we prepare your solar panels order on a pallet, we always secure them to the pallet and test them to make sure your solar panels are properly balanced and securely in place. In this regard, we mostly use two popular securing methods, which are strapping and shrink wrapping.

    Normally, our team of professionals utilizes at least two straps and loops them through the pallet's forks when strapping products to a pallet. For the tightest fit possible, we also make an effort to firmly tighten the straps. Additionally, depending on the shipping, we wrap the entire pallet and shipment in full, making sure that the final shipment and pallet seem like a single, solid unit.

    In the Final step, crush cones are an easy-to-use tool that may be used to instruct the carrier not to stack more things on top of your freight in addition to securely fastening your fragile shipment to a pallet. We use straps or packing tape to secure these little cones, which are frequently triangular, to the top of your shipment.

    How about the Pallet Shipping rates?

    If you are buying less than 10 solar panels, you can get instant pallet shipping rates at checkout. For orders of 10 Solar Panels or more*, we are offering Flat Rate Shipping across Canada so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your purchase with Volts Energies. 


    *The total Price of Solar Panels are also needs to be CAD 3390 or more.

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