Victron energy 100A Buck-Boost DC/DC converter

Victron energy 100A Buck-Boost DC/DC converter

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  • Secondary battery charging for vehicles with an intelligent alternator

  • Alternator protection

  • Adaptation to 12V, 24V and 12V/24V systems

  • Simple system programming (Windows - TSConfig)

  • Current and temperature limitation

  • Automatic startup (engine start detection)

  • Voyant d’indication LED

The Orion Buck-boost DC-DC converter has been developed for secondary battery charging of Euro 5 or Euro 6 engines. This system is essential for vehicles with intelligent alternator control.

This model adapts the voltage when charging the auxiliary battery, as alternators do not necessarily generate an ideal voltage. The converter also protects the alternator against overcharging, especially when using a lithium battery.

The inverter automatically detects when the motor is running, so that it provides energy only when the motor is running. This function allows priority charging of the battery and prevents it from becoming too discharged.

Programming of the converter is easy and simple to handle. Thanks to a computer application (Windows - TSConfig), different parameters of the Buck-boost can be set (voltage threshold, current limit, temperature...).

All models are dimensioned for 12V and 24V systems, the output and input voltages are fully configurable.

In order to have a live monitoring of the correct operation of the system, LEDs indicate the status of the input and output of the system.

Additional information:

  • brand: Victron Energy
  • dc-input-voltage: 10 - 30 V
  • dc-output-voltage: 10 - 30 V

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