Victron Energy 12V/60Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Victron Energy 12V/60Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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12V/60Ah AGM Deep Cycle Batt.

VRLA AGM: design life 7-10 years
VRLA GEL: design life 12 years
VRLA GEL 2 Volt cells: design life 20 years

The AGM range has very low internal resistance making them particularly suitable for high current discharge applications such as for inverters, thrusters and winches as well as engine starting.

The GEL model range offers best deep cycle durability and overall longer life. The use of high purity materials and lead calcium grids ensure that for both AGM and GEL products have particularly low self-discharge so that they will not go flat during long periods without charge. Both ranges are supplied with M8 drilled, flat copper terminals ensuring best possible connection contact and eliminating the need for battery terminals. The batteries are compliant with both CE and UL specifications in ABS fireproof containers and come with Victron's 2 year world-wide warranty.

Additional information:

  • battery-capacity-ah: 50 - 99
  • battery-capacity-c20-ah: 60
  • battery-technoltype-de-batt: AGM
  • battery-voltage: 12 V
  • brand: Victron Energy
  • height-1: 16
  • length-1: 27
  • width-1: 27

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