Victron energy 12V/60Ah AGM Super Cycle Battery (M5) | BAT412060081

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The Victron Energy AGM batteries benefit from the latest battery electrochemistry developments, with slightly smaller size compared to conventional batteries, in addition to the positive plate being less sensitive to softening. 

Even in cases of deep discharge of batteries, the new additives to the electrolytes will reduce sulfation.

Compared to our standard AGM batteries, the Victron AGM batteries are lighter in weight compared to conventional batteries.

Tests have proven that Victron Energy Batteries can withstand 300 DoD cycles.

≥ 300 cycles @ 100% DoD (discharge to 10,8V with I = 0,2C₂₀, followed by approximately two hours rest in discharged condition, and then a recharge with I = 0,2C₂₀)

 ≥ 700 cycles @ 60% DoD (discharge during three hours with I = 0,2C₂₀, immediately followed by recharge at I = 0,2C₂₀) 

≥ 1000 cycles @ 40% DoD (discharge during two hours with I = 0,2C₂₀, immediately followed by recharge at I = 0,2C₂₀)

Additional information:

  • battery-capacity-ah: 50 - 99
  • battery-capacity-c20-ah: 60
  • battery-technoltype-de-batt: AGM
  • battery-voltage: 12 V
  • brand: Victron Energy

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