Victron Energy Automotive IP65 Charger 12V/4A-12V/1A

Victron Energy Automotive IP65 Charger 12V/4A-12V/1A

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  • Different application: Car, motorcycles, others

  • 12V lead acid battery recharge

  • Multiple connections

  • Protections: Overheating, short circuit, reverse polarity

  • Indication of the state of charge

  • Recovery of deeply discharged batteries

  • 3 Different charging modes

The IP65 automotive charger has been developed for charging car, motorcycle and other vehicle batteries. Its variety of connectors (clamps, eyelets and cigarette plugs) included in the pack allows it to adapt too many applications.

This model is designed to charge only 12V lead-acid batteries with different types of electrolyte (liquid, gel or AGM).

The charger has 3 different charging modes. Mode 1 (0.8A - 14.4V) for batteries with a capacity lower than 14Ah and Mode 2 (4A - 14.4V) for batteries with a capacity higher than 14Ah. Mode 3 (4A - 14.7V) performs charging for batteries with a capacity greater than 14Ah, but where the ambient temperature is below 10°C. The charger is designed to automatically recharge deeply discharged batteries.

The charger is also equipped with a safety device in case of incorrect connection (reverse polarization) and short circuit. It also has a temperature sensor to limit the charging current when the temperature is too high (>40°C).

Different LEDs on the front panel indicate the battery state of charge in real time.

Additional information:

  • ac-input-voltage: 230 V
  • brand: Victron Energy
  • charge-current-a: 4
  • dc-system-voltage: 6 V
  • height-1: 8
  • length-1: 27
  • width-1: 17

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