BENY 1000V DC Combiner Box | 2 IN 2 Out | BHS-2/2

BENY 1000V DC Combiner Box | 2 IN 2 Out | BHS-2/2

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The BENY Electric BHS-2/2 1000V DC Solar PV Combiner Box plays a pivotal role in connecting panels to inverters, ensuring flawless energy distribution. Featuring 2 input/output strings, a 32A DC Isolator Switch, and TUV certification, it guarantees safety, efficiency, and peak performance.

This component is designed to protect the solar DC circuit from potential over-current and over-voltage risks, thereby extending the operational life of the solar system and enhancing the overall safety of the setup.

Key Features:

  • 1000V DC operation for various setups
  • 2 input and 2 output strings for easy installation
  • 32A DC Isolator Switch for control
  • TUV certified for reliability
  • RoHS certified for environmental consciousness
  • Equipped with the most reliable DC components bring maximum protection.

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Additional information:

  • Certificate: TUV
  • Dimension: 292*370*132mm
  • Protection Degree : IP65
  • Voltage: IEC60947.3,AS60947.3:2018

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