BENY Mini Circuit Breaker | 1Pole-32A 300V | BB1-631P32ANUL

BENY Mini Circuit Breaker | 1Pole-32A 300V | BB1-631P32ANUL

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The Beny DC Breaker 1 Pole - 32A 300V - UL Certified  is part of the BENY BB1 Series PV Mini Circuit Breakers and is primarily intended for use with DC solar combiner boxes and controllers. This breaker is engineered to provide essential functions such as overload protection, anti-reflux protection, and short-circuit protection. Its scientific arc-extinguishing system contributes to maintaining a heightened level of safety within solar systems.

With a rated voltage of 300V and a rated pole current of 32A, this breaker ensures reliable and effective performance in safeguarding your solar infrastructure.

Key features:

  • 1 Pole 300V Max Current 32A: Ideal for Solar DC strings, providing reliable overcurrent protection.
  • UL Certified Perfect for off-grid setups or DC strings below 300V and 32A.
  • Non-polar design ensures easy and safe wiring.
  • Having Arc flash barrier to keep the system safety
  • IEC-60947.2

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