BENY Mini Circuit Breaker | 1Pole-63A 300V

BENY Mini Circuit Breaker | 1Pole-63A 300V

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The Beny DC Breaker, 1 Pole - 63A 300V, belongs to the BENY BB1 Series PV Mini Circuit Breakers, purpose-built for applications involving DC solar combiner boxes and controllers.

Engineered to offer crucial functionalities including overload protection, anti-reflux protection, and short-circuit protection, this breaker is a vital component for safety. Its scientific arc-extinguishing system adds an extra layer of safety to solar systems. With a rated voltage of 300V and a rated pole current of 63A, this breaker delivers reliable and effective performance to safeguard your solar infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • 1 Pole 300V Max Current 63A: Perfectly suited for Solar DC strings, delivering dependable overcurrent protection.
  • UL Certified: Ensuring adherence to rigorous safety standards.
  • Ideal for Off-Grid Setups: Well-suited for off-grid configurations or DC strings below 300V and 16A.
  • Non-Polar Design: Facilitating simple and secure wiring.
  • Arc Flash Barrier: Equipped with an arc flash barrier to enhance overall system safety.
  • IEC-60947.2 Compliant: Meeting global standards for reliable performance.

Additional information:

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