Victron Energy Blue Smart IP65 Charger 24/5(1) 230V CEE 7/17 Retail

Victron Energy Blue Smart IP65 Charger 24/5(1) 230V CEE 7/17 Retail

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  • Highly impervious to water, dust and chemicals

  • Use in extreme cold: down to -30°C (-22°F)

  • Optimal battery charge management for long battery life

  • Adaptation of the charge for over-discharged batteries

  • Simple and quick connection

  • Low power mode for smaller batteries

  • Lithium-Ion battery mode

  • Setting, updating, reading of voltage and current measurements via Bluetooth Smart

This is the new Blue Smart IP65 battery charger. This Bluetooth equipped charger will be able to adapt too many applications, for individuals (car, camper vans) as well as for professionals (workshop devices).

Its new algorithm ensures a better exploitation of the battery. Charging and discharging are optimized to keep the battery in good condition, thus extending its life. All this while guaranteeing good performance.

The Blue Smart IP65 has the capability to recharge a deeply discharged battery. The charger will then use a low charging current to restore the battery to working order if possible, and then automatically switch to a normal charge.

The VictronConnect application and the Bluetooth function of the charger provide real-time information on the status of the battery and charger from a phone, tablet or laptop.

Additional information:

  • ac-input-voltage: 230 V
  • brand: Victron Energy
  • charge-current-a: 5
  • dc-system-voltage: 24 V
  • height-1: 22
  • length-1: 8
  • width-1: 30

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