DARFON Solar - DL300 Data Logger

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With Very Low power consumption the Darfon Solar Data Logger allowed a two-way connection between the Darfon inverters and Darfon's cloud-based monitoring portal.

The DL300 can be hardwired to the Inverters via an RJ45 cable or wirelessly connected to your wifi through the antenna. The data logger allows system updates for the Inverter and communication with external sensors devices such as irradiance meters or weather stations.


  • ¬†Two-way communication to remotely manage Darfon hybrid inverters and update firmware
  • ¬†Local data storage to prevent data loss
  • ¬†Connects to the portal via LAN, WiFi or a cellular plan
  • ¬†Low power consumption

Additional information:

  • brand: Darfon
  • height-1: 39 inch
  • hide-price: 1
  • width-1: 17.6 inch

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