Victron Energy Digital Multi Control 200/200A GX (90º RJ45) Retail

Victron Energy Digital Multi Control 200/200A GX (90º RJ45) Retail

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The Digital Multi Control GX is used to remotely monitor, control, and modify the AC input currents as well as turn on and off the Multi or Quattro. It is made to seamlessly interact with the system control panel in your vehicle, boat, or house.

All Multi/Quattro are compatible with the Digital Multi Control panel (DMC). This covers stand-alone, parallel, and 2-3 phase configurations. It's easy to connect the DMC to your system; typically, an RJ45 cable is all that's needed, and no additional setup is necessary. 

* The RJ45 cable is not included. You can purchase RJ45 here.

New vs Old Version Comparison

The Digital Multi Control Panel GX is the same as the previous version, but with a new design. An extra advantage of this panel is the easy mounting: the included mounting frame allows the user to mount the panel from either front or back side. Due to the mounting frame, the mounting holes will no longer be visible. The body of the GX panel is made of plastic, which makes the panel lighter and adds a modern look to the panel.


Additional information:

  • brand: Victron Energy
  • height-1: 5
  • length-1: 11
  • width-1: 15.5


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