Elios Arbora P8 | Pole Mount System for 8 Solar Panels (Large) | Post Mounting System with manual crank

Elios Arbora P8 | Pole Mount System for 8 Solar Panels (Large) | Post Mounting System with manual crank

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The new Elios Arbora P8 is a versatile and sturdy Pole Mount System designed to efficiently capture solar energy while conserving valuable ground space. Its unique design features a vertical pole securely grounded, providing a durable and stable structure to support eight solar panels.

The system also includes a manual crank mechanism, allowing easy adjustment of panel height to optimize sunlight exposure and minimize shading from nearby obstructions.

For maximum security, it is recommended to install the Solar Panel Pole Mounts on the ground, using a concrete base with steel rods and anchor bolts. This ensures that even on windy days, your installation will remain stable and secure.

Capable of supporting up to 8 solar panels, this system can generate a peak power of 3200 to 4400 watts. For even higher energy production, consider using BiFacial Solar panels which can increase production by up to 1000 watts, reaching a maximum capacity of 5500 watts.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Vertical Pole: Provides stable and reliable support for solar panels, effectively handling various weather conditions.
  • Adjustable Height: Easily change the height of the panels with a manual crank to optimize sun exposure and reduce shading.
  • Secure Installation: Designed for concrete base installation with steel rods and anchor bolts, ensuring stability even in high winds.
  • Space-Efficient Design: Ideal for limited ground space or shading issues, maximizing vertical space use.
  • Durability and Weather Resistance: Built to withstand harsh weather, ensuring long-lasting and reliable solar installation.


  • Residential | Commercial | Industrial | Off-Grid

Additional Details:

  • Model: TP-PM-8/C
  • Dimensions: Height: 94.48" | Bottom pole diameter: 7.16" | Top pole diameter: 6.38" | Inner pole diameter: 3" | Main beam length: 118.11" Secondary beam length: 130" 
  • Hand winch: 3500lbs


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