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On-Demand Bulk Charging

The IQ-Equalizer is a useful charge control tool that initiates a constant current BULK charge to your flooded lead acid battery, ensuring that all cells receive an adequate, complete charge in an abbreviated timespan. After a predetermined period, the IQ-Equalizer drops into a trickle charge until re-inserted for additional equalization.

The IQ-EQUALIZER progresses through the following stages while charging your batteries:

BULK The Bulk State charges the battery at the full-rated output of the charger for 2 hours to achieve a full and complete charge.

FLOAT After the Bulk State completes, the IQ drops to the Float state for an indefinite period of time to prevent-overcharging the battery.

RE-INITIALIZE If further equalization is required, remove the IQ-Equalizer and re-insert to re-initialize the Equalization process.

Additional information:

  • brand: Iota Engineering
  • height-1: 1.9
  • length-1: 15.2
  • width-1: 10.2


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