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Rapid Charging for Continually-Cycled Batteries

The IQ-Turbo delivers a powerful yet controlled voltage to help charge batteries in minimal time. Perfect for batteries that are used frequently but with limited time for re-charge, such as when connected to a generator or solar panel system.

The IQ-TURBO progresses through the following stages while charging your batteries:

TURBO The Turbo State charges the battery at the optimal output of the charger, reducing the time it takes to charge the battery.

ABSORPTION An increased Absorption State delivers a constant charge for a set period of time to ensure that the battery receives a full and complete charge.

FLOAT Once the battery has been fully charged, the Float State maintains a full charge to the battery, while minimizing "gassing."

MAINTENANCE If the battery has remained in the Float State for seven days, the IQ automatically provides an equalization charge to dissolve any sulfate layer on the battery's plates and to avoid stratification.

Additional information:

  • brand: Iota Engineering
  • height-1: 1.9
  • length-1: 15.2
  • width-1: 10.2


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